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Online Courses for Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond

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Childbirth Education Course (Online)

  • Six course session podcasts with dynamic instructors that can be listened to at your own pace and re-visited as you wish. 

  • The beautiful Preparing for Birth journal that creates positive conversation between partners, and with health care providers.

  • Prepared Feeding – a breastfeeding  and infant feeding course. Preparing for Birth covers postpartum in a way no other course does.  Prepared Feeding, featuring Amanda Devereux, IBCLC, gives parents all the information they need to feed their new baby. This can’t miss video is included with all course registrations.

  • Ongoing personal support from Preparing for Birth founders, Amanda and Maria.

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Infant Feeding Course (Online)

  • establishing the first latch to set a great foundation

  • breastfeeding positions

  • connecting position and latch

  • feeding well in your baby's first days

  • interventions

  • feeding rhythms

  • caring for nipples and breasts

  • pumping and milk storage

  • healthy bottle feeding

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Pregnancy and Birth Meditations (Online)

Twelve pregnancy and birth meditations written by birth professionals and a certified hypnotherapist to help prepare your mind for the journey of labor and birth.

These meditations are written to go hand in hand with the Preparing for Birth Childbirth Course, but can also be used along side any labor and birth preparation.

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